Please help us out by filling out a short survey on kitchen appliances!

2022.01.26 04:25 Material-Writing-219 Please help us out by filling out a short survey on kitchen appliances!
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2022.01.26 04:25 Cutest-personality Uh y-yeah I t-totally like girls

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2022.01.26 04:25 XeroKimo Typed D3D12, a stronger typed D3D12 library V0.1

XeroKimo/TypedD3D: A bunch of functions and helpers classes for D3D12, and DXGI libraries (
I started with learning D3D12, then switched to D3D11, now back to D3D12, and working with it, I realized that a lot of type safety has been dropped compared to D3D11, so I decided to try to create some wrapper classes to introduce increased type safety. There are 4 goals with the library

  1. Add stronger types
  2. Wrap D3D12's API with a more C++ like practices, like less out values, use of span over int + pointer etc.
  3. Restrict API based on what the documents says are safe. Biggest example are the Command Lists. Compute, Copy, and Bundle command lists don't have access to all functions the Direct command list has, their wrappers only expose what they are able to call.
  4. Not adding much functionality, so one can still refer to using Microsoft's document in order to make sense of my library
At the moment, I only have support for the oldest D3D12 APIs, so no modern versions are supported. I'm currently working my way up as I wanted to have something that can be used to test.
Current supported interfaces are:
Feedback would be much appreciated
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2022.01.26 04:25 The_Hare_musician A star on the rise😎

Hey✋guys .I am a musician called The Hare. I have just released a song that is currently on youtube and would like for you to check it out using this link. Please support me guys by liking,sharing and commenting.
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2022.01.26 04:24 albertab does anyone know where i can find Rippetoe saying - that is not heavy..?

as the old link is gone now......
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2022.01.26 04:24 yeetlord-02 Just some questions related to Facebook and management.

  1. Which functions of management do you think Zuckerberg is performing most and least effectively? And why?
  2. How do you see Facebook’s role in society today?
  3. What has been happening in the news lately with Zuckerberg and Facebook? What should they do going forward?
Thank you for your answers!
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2022.01.26 04:24 ryanxboy005 Suggest some camera angles to take cool photos around water bodies

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2022.01.26 04:24 R1oh LF: Water Stone or Moon Stone FT: Fire, Thunder, Sun, Dusk, Dawn or Shinystone

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2022.01.26 04:24 Independent_Socksy 24 [F4A] Discord Experiment

Hi! This might be sliightly but I'm looking for a few people who're willing to hang (in English? hahahajksd) I have a hangout server (tailored for gamers/ttrpgs/d&d/art) and would love to have someone to talk to there in my timezone tbh.
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2022.01.26 04:24 Lautryng Joder quisiera

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2022.01.26 04:24 Sheepy_2 Supercell, what is this matchmaking?

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2022.01.26 04:24 theLiquidmenace You get to erase any quote in the world from existence, which quote are you taking out?

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2022.01.26 04:24 Master_Combinator The day has come. It truly is an honor.

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2022.01.26 04:24 TronicBoy Video Oasis: The Ultimate Live-Streaming Course (2021)

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2022.01.26 04:24 WFProduction !!! BIG SALE !!! WFP 237 Allure

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2022.01.26 04:24 SussyChalk Items Nine Contestants

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2022.01.26 04:24 viictoz Någon som är sugen på lite bullkaffe ?☕️🍪

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2022.01.26 04:24 nameithinkmaybe can a brooks adapter for using a ds3 on a ps4 work for a ds4 on a ps3?

i cant find one that specifies ds4 to ps3 and i wanted to mgs2 on my ps3
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2022.01.26 04:24 Green_Difference2647 La Strada (1954) [774x1,077]

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2022.01.26 04:24 FlyUzi You just had to be there

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2022.01.26 04:24 Minimum_Ocelot_5566 Anger, contempt and grieving. After the Q death.

QAnon eviscerated my once close relationship with my family and then it killed it.
When Covid hit, my 10+ years in Critical Care was of no use against the endless Qvideos, memes and tRumpetarian propaganda that my QDad, QMom and QBro were authorities in. I was called a sheep, Covid-Crazy, not the daughter they raised, brainwashed and even a RINO. I was mocked, ridiculed and casted out of the once close family I was once in. My QBro relished in my fall from their graces and fanned their flames as I was roasted.
I spent 2-1/2 years, pleading with them but the more I made sense the deeper down the rabbit hole they went. I begged them to take precautions; to wear a mask, to stay out of the tRump rallies, to please consider the vaccines. I was useless and I was scared as hell.
The last six months my QDad refused to take my calls and even UNfriened me on his FB. When I heard that QDad went to the Sturgis motorcycle rally this past summer, I crumpled on the barn floor and bawled like a baby. I knew it was only a matter time before Covid came to our family. And then it did.
I farm now with my husband, it was the end of September and we were in the middle of harvest. I was in my tractor when I got the text from QMom, “Well it happened. They’re flying your Dad out. I’m too upset to talk, I’ll call you in a couple of days”. The next day, I learned that QMom had since tested positive and QBro brought it to our family. QBoy, knowing his entire family tested positive still brought his 2yo to see “Grandpa” because a “2yo can’t spread it”. I learned that within 24 hours of this visit, QDad was sick and over the next 11 days he denied how sick he was. He denied the fever, the vomiting, diarrhea, coughing fits, shortness of breaths and dizzy spells. Only after refusing to eat or drink for a couple of days did QMom decided to take him to the clinic. She dropped him off and went to run errands. 17 minutes later the nurse called to tell Qmom they were flying him out because his SpO2 was 44% and he was critical.
I went to stay with QMom, as QBro was too upset to deal with it. I stayed in my truck parked in their driveway as I was vaccinated but she was positive and I needed to stop the spread. For two days, I slept, ate in the truck, peed behind the oak tree and checked on Mom at least every two hours. I peeked through the windows, at night by a flashlight. I made her drink, take her temperature and report the results. I made her walk for 5 minutes every hour she was awake. I listened to the nurses on speaker phone, took notes and wrote questions down for the next report from the hospital.
On day 3, QBro showed up and since he was already recovered he could “take better care of QMom” and I needed to get back in the fields. But since I understood all that “mumbo-jumbo those damn Dr.’s say” QMom put me in charge to deal with hospital and just report back to her. And I did as I was ordered to.
For the next 10 days, from my seat in the tractor in the middle of the corn fields, from my barn and from the rare hours I was able to crawl to my bed, I took every heartbreaking call at all hours from the exhausted nurses. I arranged the care conferences with the Palliative Team and my family. On day 5 QDad was intubated, on day 7, I learned what a DIC event was. Day 10, I was the first to know he’d had a stroke. Every damn call I had to reword into words that QMom would understand and prepare her for the worst. And that call came.
On day 13, at 5:16AM the Dr. called. “I’m sorry we can’t do anymore, your Dad is actively dying”. I wasn’t shocked, maybe a little relieved understanding he wasn’t going to suffer much more. I pleaded as a humbled child to please let my Mom see him one last time. To move him from the Covid Unit to a place she could say goodbye. To not disconnect him yet but to do nothing more heroic to keep him alive, I will get Mom there as fast as I can. The longest and quickest 2 hours of my life. I picked up Mom and QBro, and did my best to prepare them both what they were about to witness. I ushered them through the halls, reminding them both to put the damn masks on several times.
There laid Dad. No longer QDad. He would no more post bullshit conspiracy theories, hurt-filled memes and hateful tRump lies. QAnon had done it’s thing and left a dad, MY Dad to die with his broken, shattered family to watch his heartbeats slowed and he take his last breaths.
It’s been almost four months since that Monday and I haven’t cried yet. Maybe I cried all I could that day in the barn. Maybe it’s the anger I have for being useless in the prevention but being used like a trusty mop for the clean up. Maybe it’s the pure rage and contempt I have for my still QBrother who is all but dead to me. Maybe it’s because I have a hard time speaking with my Mom without wanting an apology that I know will never come. I tell myself someday I will be able to grieve my Dad and remember the good he truly was. But right now, I can only say, Fuck You QAnon, everyone you are and everyone you were.
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2022.01.26 04:24 iccaecumsa Missed on Shiba inu ❓ Floki inu❓Kishu inu❓then Get ready for Akita Inu 🐶 With useful case APP in progress which have never been witnessed in BSC Space before 🚀

AKITA INU's aim is not only to get Akita Inu to the x1000 moon! Also to protect investors in this cryptoworld with its upcoming AKITASCAN APP where you will be able to scan any token!!


When it comes to crypto and investing its all about the trust! With Akitascan app you will be able to scan tokens and check: ruggable, honeypot, lplock or unlocked, ownership renounce, distribution, mint, buyback, taxes and more functions coming soon!

Contract address: 0x996abbe03c9832b2d415b13349a616bedf07566a




✴️ Website launch

✴️ Telegram Launch

✴️ Reddit Hotposts

✴️ Coinsniper, Coinmooner etc..

✴️ Poocoin Ads

✴️ Twitter influencers

✴️ Dev Doxx

✴️ Launch

✴️ Coinmarketcap Quick listing

✴️ Coingecko Quick listing

✴️ Exchange listing

✴️ Akitascan app

( Full Roadmap in the Website )








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2022.01.26 04:24 834738 Coworkers keep humming

My two coworkers who sit across from me are always humming and it’s driving me nuts. I tried putting in my noise cancelling AirPods with the rain sounds turned up but I could still hear them and it was giving me sensory overload, so then I tried my loop earplugs (the mute ones) and I could still hear them, and the fact that I could still hear them just made the burning rage even worse because how loud must you be if I can still hear you over that? And it bothers me more because I feel like it’s inconsiderate. I don’t know how to ask them to stop, I’m too scared of the confrontation/the embarrassment of being affected by something like that so badly. They gossip a lot so I don’t want them to gossip about me if I say something. Also I know some people don’t realise they’re doing it so I don’t want to upset them. Can anyone suggest the best way to approach this, or at least give some tips on how to cope with it?
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2022.01.26 04:24 dizzler0613 Anyone else getting Animatronio vibes? Da Vinci def had a hand in making this guy

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2022.01.26 04:24 lost_in_motor_crash I have KP on my legs and have noticed something different on back of thighs/buttocks. Cause for concern?

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