Kirsty Gallacher

2022.01.26 05:20 Akinyemibabs735 Kirsty Gallacher

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2022.01.26 05:20 NefariousnessNeat887 When will the second round of admissions start?

Does ur acceptance in rounds depend on ur scores or is it just when you applied??
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2022.01.26 05:20 SharonzHere For all Tom girls <3 here's some Mat Mac for you

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2022.01.26 05:20 Creepy-Jellyfish-452 Rich Goose eth collection

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2022.01.26 05:20 tickeron_community Stock Pattern Head-and-Shoulders Top HEPA on January 03, 2022

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2022.01.26 05:20 Szase Closed shop - don't know why

I sell collectible soccer jerseys, I am very familiar with what is a fake jersey and what is not. I have never sold or listed fake jerseys on Etsy in my life. My jerseys are expensive because they are all original every single one. There are many sellers on Etsy selling fake jerseys, and they are often at the top of the search list.
Despite all these reasons this account of mine has been closed. Once again, I'll repeat - an account that only had original t-shirts, I swear. The reason Etsy gave in the email was: "To be specific, counterfeit or unauthorized items are prohibited on Etsy."
So as I write I wasn't selling counterfeit items, so maybe this is about unauthorized items? Just what does that mean? If the FC Barcelona jersey is produced by Nike, I have no right to indicate that they produced it? After all, I see that other sellers selling such shirts write "FC Barcelona Nike jersey" in the title. I have no idea what I have been fined for, my only guess is that while listing a new jersey there was a toolbar with "production partner" and I truthfully entered "Nike" or "Adidas". I wouldn't type anything, but it was necessary to put something there. The thing is, I'm not even sure if that was the problem, because etsy didn't point it out to me, even though I asked for a specific reason why they closed my store. I asked for a specific reason while appealing the decision, or to point out a specific shirt with a specific error. What happened was that my shirts were sometimes deactivated for no reason. In my opinion and looking at competitors who sell original jerseys my scheme was no different than theirs. I am helpless, I don't know what happened. I would like to open another store, but as I understand it I cannot, nor can I continue to run my current store because my appeal has been denied without specific rationale and here they are: "Our team has comprehensively reviewed your response, as well as your account history and information on Etsy, and we have determined that we are unable to reconsider the decision made in this circumstance. The legal concerns around counterfeit items require us to handle these matters swiftly and seriously. With this in mind, your account will remain suspended.".
I would at least like to know the real reason what happened, I would appreciate any tips or advice on what to do.
Best regards and apologies for my poor English and the emotional tone of this post.
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2022.01.26 05:20 cariion 25.01.2022 #daily

20:45 QPR vs Swansea City Swansea City +0.25 @ 1.88
Stake: 1500€ Result: 0:0 Status: Half-won
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2022.01.26 05:20 DavidKr98 Upgrade suggestions? Thinking on selling Šuker so I'll have around 170k for possible upgrades.

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2022.01.26 05:20 lochydjango r/SecondWorldProblems Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.26 05:20 mnxah Did HotS actually fail or did Blizzard fail HotS?

During the last stream Zack mentioned his opinion on Heroes of the Storm. That Blizzard tried to innovate MOBAs and failed.
I'd personally say that 1) HotS plays very well, just as well as OW that Zack mentioned 2) It offered a different approach at the time with no last hit requirement and item purchasing, which allowed the existence of such unique characters as Abathur (one of my favorites). And I personally prefer this system over Dota's or Lol's. 3) it had balance troubles, yes, but I believe that all could be fixed if Blizzard kept the team. Instead, they drew the resources out of it more and more, and in the end canceled all tournaments, which just ended most of the interest for many players. 4) the game isn't really dead, I'm sure you can still find a match. It's a fun game. 5) even the skeleton team is doing pretty good job and they even made a new character some months ago, which indicates that the game has potential.
Off topic is that it would be very interesting to see Blizzard's new MMO based on a concept of mixed Blizzard worlds. But they decided to go along the survival game path, it seems.
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2022.01.26 05:20 donpalermo Need help, started school again feeling lost, don’t know if I made right decision.

I recently started school again this semester majoring in computer information systems after taking a 2 year break from classes. This is my first semester taking CIS with the goal of eventually getting a job in an IT position, would I have been better off just getting a certification online? I’m really confused if I’m in the right area and if I made the correct decision to go back to school. Thank you.
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2022.01.26 05:20 GenericRedditUser91 Which Venom do you guys prefer?

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2022.01.26 05:20 SisterAntistita Back of the Sister Imperator Bill

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2022.01.26 05:20 KateGJohnson Does anyone know any good APIs for getting movie trailers?

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2022.01.26 05:20 Nick-nack-nocky Are there any hints as to what the next Season will focus on?

Is there any information at all about the next season?
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2022.01.26 05:20 777undlos S&P 500 ETF bei der ing Diba

Hey, ich möchte den allgemeinen Kursrutsch nutzen und mit einem S&P ETF anfangen. Das ganze soll bei der ING Diba stattfinden. Kann mir bitte jemand den Optimalen Etf nennen und dies auch kurz begründen. Ich blicke da nicht so durch, …..
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2022.01.26 05:20 Natsharma1986new Which room would you enter? (Upvote each rooms comment below)

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2022.01.26 05:20 styrmirsvarti Just a thousand year old bridge

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2022.01.26 05:20 Seanatonin How to ruin your childhood in front of your kids

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2022.01.26 05:20 Creepy-Jellyfish-452 Rich Goose eth collection

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2022.01.26 05:20 InternationalForm3 Blind Dating 6 Men Based on Their Bodies | Versus 1

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2022.01.26 05:20 Internal_Pear_1118 Daniel Cormier “playing hockey” lol

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2022.01.26 05:20 Bruhurb69420 A different kind of cook.

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2022.01.26 05:20 pilottroll Why don't fleets use bar code names?

I'm a new player and watched some videos/streams of fleet battles and it looks like the method for fire focusing is fleet commander calling out the first 2-3 letters of an enemy's name, which makes me wonder, why not use barcode names? like 1ll1l1ll1l1l1ll11 or O0OO0O0O?
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2022.01.26 05:20 lexxxaawaa bye

deleting my reddit because as a young girl i can’t speak up about traumatic experiences at work or online without being blamed. thank you for everyone who did see my post about being ignored for sexual harassment and fuck everyone who made me feel shitty abt it but hey if you guys think i deserve it then cool clearly i do. i’m not even 18 and target is probably one of the worst things to ever happen to me.
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